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How to plan for award travel when you’re an infrequent flyer

  While some folks who read this site are avid travelers, zooming around the globe as frequently as a satellite, others may fly infrequently and think that award travel is completely irrelevant to them. Nonsense. Award travel is open to all, as long as you prioritize it. So this post is geared toward the folks … Continue reading »

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When to let your points expire

  I once wrote to not let your airline miles expire.  But there are always exceptions, and I am starting to think that there are reasons worth discussing. Sacrilege? No, just simplification and efficiency.

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Beware of induced spending (or the perils of credit card travel benefits)

  I read lots of travel hacking blogs, as I’ve mentioned many times. And because sometimes travel hacking blogs seem more like credit card sales pages, I ingest many marketing messages on a regular basis. So when I was writing my post about applying for NEXUS to get Global Entry, I could hear a voice … Continue reading »

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How to get Global Entry for 50% off (and zip through customs and security lines)

  Going through customs can be a drag. You are accosted by a bored-yet-potentially-malevolent customs officer, who volleys questions at you. These questions seem innocuous, but are can be phrased so as to imply subtle accusation (“Why did you leave the U.S.?“). You know that if you answer with just a hint of hesitation, that there … Continue reading »

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On financial prudence (or why I’m probably not cut out to be a travel hacker)

  I love talking about travel hacking, which I define as strategies of acquiring travel experiences creatively, for less than than the usual cost. It’s pretty awesome actually. I’ve utilized some tricks that have allowed me to stay in nice hotel rooms for effectively free, getting a room when a hotel is “sold out” , … Continue reading »

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Can you trust travel hacking blogs?

  I read travel hacking blogs all the time. Brian, Summer, Gary, and Lucky are my equivalent of The Today Show, blogs I digest with my morning tea. They freely give frankly some invaluable advice and have some engrossing stories, both aspirational (ahem, taking a shower on a plane) and practical. And yet, I’m wary … Continue reading »

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The high cost of free frequent flyer miles

  There’s a tension between having an interest in travel hacking and an interest in taking control of your finances. On one hand, the two pursuits seem to go well together. Travel hacking involves having creative travel experiences on a budget, so it allows you to go places you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to go. … Continue reading »

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Anyone can get hotel elite status

  I’ve mentioned hotel elite status and its perks. It’s pretty great. But don’t take my word for it. You can get it too.

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Travel hacking to get the whirlpool suite in a sold-out hotel

  I like to play the travel hacking game. I suspect you likely do too, considering this post is one of the most frequently-viewed pages on this site. I play the game a bit differently from many other people though. I don’t put all my purchases on credit cards to manufacture points and I rarely … Continue reading »

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Travel hacking to get free hotels

  I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Gwangju, South Korea. The question that invariably popped up whenever I told anyone that I was staying in Gwangju (even Koreans all said this) was, “why!?” Yikes, do they know something I don’t? Why was I there? A free hotel stay, of course.

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