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Can someone please explain to me why there is so much wage disparity?

I worked in retail for many years. I sometimes have nightmares that I’ll have to go back to it. And yet, I think my retail experiences were relatively tame. A department story, a toy store, a gas station, Kinko’s. I never had to work as a busboy or waiter. I never ever had to work … Continue reading »

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Uber now allows tips: What’s 20% of $0?

The news was electrifying: Uber, the sharecropping system of the transportation industry, was finally allowing passengers to tip their drivers. Amazingly, this wasn’t a thing before now. There was no option to tip a driver, except if you were to pay in cash, which most Uber riders, sexy forward-thinking futurists all, didn’t carry. (To its … Continue reading »

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Do we all need to work?

  I believe that we are entering an unprecedented situation in America (if not the world), where the link between the existence of workers and the need to do work no longer correlates. We are seeing the ramifications of this today under the guise of unemployment, underemployment, mis-employment (people doing less important jobs) and rampant … Continue reading »

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