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In defense of jaywalking

  “Here, we’d just speed up and turn our wipers on.” – Bill Hicks, on what would happen in Texas if a pedestrian tried to randomly cross the road Portland and New York City are very different places. (Film at 11, I know.) One of the ways this manifests itself is the intersection (pun intended) … Continue reading »

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How your mode of travel affects your experience

  I recently attended Dan Savage’s Valentine’s Day live event. I’ve actually spent the past three V-Days with Dan, but this is the first year he came to my town instead of me going to his. The event was in a brand new event space called Revolution Hall, a converted auditorium in a historic high … Continue reading »

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Can you help make places more people-friendly?

  (200th post! Thanks everyone for your support.) I talked before about the pain of being in a place that isn’t designed for you. It might have seemed a bit heavier than theĀ usual fare here, but then again, if we were all happy with the way the system works, we wouldn’t be here together on … Continue reading »

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Why no one walks (or, this land was not made for you or me)

  Recently, I spent some time in a small city in the US Southeast. Stationed in a hotel a few miles from the center of town and without a car, I spent a few days negotiating the area on foot. The years have not been kind to our places. I don’t wish to romanticize the … Continue reading »

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How (and why) to avoid taxis when traveling

  I have a few informal rules when traveling. One of them is to never take a taxi. Taxis, to me, equate with a kind of failure. Harsh? Perhaps. But it’s nothing personal, I just see it as a personal challenge to avoid taxis, a challenge that I feel benefits me quite well.

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Why cities are better experienced on the surface

  I talked about bike share in New York City, and how it has the potential to change the fabric of the street. But I also didn’t test it out myself, as I lacked a helmet. Lame, I know, but I felt significantly less likely to resemble an oil slick, or find myself on the … Continue reading »

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