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How having more money can make you anxious

People think that money can solve all of their problems. Yes, there’s the old saw about how “money can’t buy happiness”, but usually people see past that and think, “yeah, but it would certainly help“. And that’s true. When you’re at the lower end of the income scale, more money can certainly help. If you … Continue reading »

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5 things about money that are strange when you start to think about them

I typically think about money in terms of what it can do for people, but sometimes, I think about money itself, in the abstract. Kind of like this guy: Okay, actually not at all like that guy. But sometimes it is interesting to think about money in the abstract. And the more you think about … Continue reading »

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If you’re not wealthy, is it your fault?

I’m troubled. I was listening to a program on the radio (which I’ll leave unnamed for reasons you’ll see soon). It was one of the 27 various programs on financial wellness that seem to pepper the AM dial at any given time. On the program, the host was talking about people who had become millionaires. … Continue reading »

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How do people do it?

It’s not hard to look around and be amazed. You hear about your co-worker’s most recent trip to Hawaii. Your friends post on Instagram a gorgeous sunset taken from the middle of the South Pacific. And then you move on over to Facebook and read about your friend from high school who just bought this … Continue reading »

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What is your financial net worth?

I don’t necessarily think of one’s finances as a game (unlike, say, Tony Robbins), but more like a process, a challenge, a long task. Perhaps a kind of art. That said, I also think it’s useful and important to know “where you stand”, to know where you are in relation to where you want to … Continue reading »

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The banality of being a millionaire

  There are few words associated with money that are more romantic than “millionaire“. Just the very mention of the word brings to my mind giant villas overlooking a┬ásunny sea. But I want us to take a closer look at this word and its practical implications for all of us. Because the true nature of … Continue reading »

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