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How to lie with numbers: How many hours can you work?

One might argue that numbers are apolitical. I mean, how do you spin the number 4? How do you argue about it? Whether to close the top loop or keep it open? There’s not much there. Unfortunately, numbers can be used to promote anyone’s agenda. So in the spirit of Mark Monmonier’s classic “How To … Continue reading »

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Why we must work, even if we don’t have to

  So, maybe it’s starting to happen that not everyone “needs” to work in order for all of our basic needs to be accounted for. If you are given enough money to live, would you still work? A study in 2013 on the effect of┬ábasic income on the poor and unemployed in Uganda found that … Continue reading »

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Do you even want to retire?

  I talked last time about the need for a plan for your time in retirement. Of course, for many of us, the idea of retirement seems a fantasy, and a cruel one at that. Who is going to have the money for that, aside from the 1%? My answer to that, if you’ve been … Continue reading »

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Me as a remote worker, or how I became spatially independent

  I’ve talked before about how the phrase “location independence” is actually two different situations that are often confused: spatial independence (being anywhere) and temporal independence (being, um, “anywhen”?) I believe that it’s much easier to transition to spatial independence than it is to either transition to temporal independence or have both at the same … Continue reading »

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What do people really mean by location independence?

  A few years ago, I performed a feat of employee jiu jitsu: I was able to convince my boss to let me start working from across the country. Like many people, I first heard about the idea of “location independence” from Tim Ferriss and his book “The Four Hour Work Week,” which at this … Continue reading »

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Start a mastermind group to get things done

  As I wrote in my last post, I’ve just released a new e-book. I’m very proud of it, and I think you’ll enjoy it too. (Did I mention I’m giving it away for free?) The project was a large undertaking, being many times longer than even my longest blog post. And in addition to … Continue reading »

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How badly do you want it?

  Stop for a second and think about what you want most. It could be worldly or ethereal, it doesn’t matter. And to be clear, I mean the first idea that came to mind. Don’t skip over it because you feel ashamed or guilty or undeserving. Don’t sugar coat it within your own mind. Think … Continue reading »

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How working for someone else is like renting

  I like finding connections between seemingly disparate aspects of our lives. And while thinking about the self-employment-versus-working-for-others issue, I realized that there is an interesting and unlikely connection between the type of job you have and whether you rent or own your living space.

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Is it safer to work for yourself?

  Safety and security are important components of anyone’s life, whether physical (we won’t be mugged or assaulted), financial (we will have enough to eat, have shelter), or any other metric. But when it comes to less universal metrics, people’s attitudes toward safety become more personal. And one way that we can see this is … Continue reading »

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Do you need to be certified in order to do your work?

  As a proponent of what I call “integrative financial coaching” I get to help people not only with improving their finances, but also help them heal their relationship to money, allowing them an easier path towards success in more areas of their life. With this in mind, the question sometimes arises: “Are you a … Continue reading »

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